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Light Weight Concrete in Bangladesh
Light Weight Concrete in Bangladesh

Lightweight concrete floors, available for various applications, offer durability and easy installation. Their versatility serves diverse sectors, including residential, commercial, industrial, and institutional spaces, ensuring reliable performance.

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Lightweight concrete is a type of concrete that incorporates lightweight aggregates or air entraining agents to reduce its density, resulting in a material that is lighter than traditional concrete. There are several methods to produce lightweight concrete:


Aggregate Replacement

Lightweight aggregates such as expanded clay, shale, or slate are used in place of traditional aggregates like gravel or crushed stone. These lightweight aggregates are created by expanding or heating natural materials, resulting in porous particles that reduce the overall weight of the concrete.

Aerated Concrete

Also known as cellular or foamed concrete, this type of lightweight concrete is produced by introducing air bubbles into the concrete mixture. This is typically achieved by adding foaming agents or air-entraining admixtures during mixing.

No-Fines Concrete

In this variation, concrete is made without fine aggregates (sand). The absence of fine aggregates results in a porous structure that reduces weight while maintaining adequate strength.

Reduced Weight

Lightweight concrete is significantly lighter than normal-weight concrete, making it easier to handle and transport.

Improved Insulation

The porous structure of lightweight concrete provides better thermal insulation properties compared to traditional concrete, making it suitable for applications where insulation is important.

Reduced Structural Load

The lighter weight of lightweight concrete reduces the load on structures, which can lead to cost savings in construction projects.

Ease of Placemen

Despite being lighter, lightweight concrete still retains workability and can be easily placed and finished using conventional construction techniques.

Building Construction

Used in walls, floors, and roofs of residential, commercial, and industrial buildings.

Infrastructure Projects

Suitable for bridges, tunnels, and other transportation infrastructure where reduced dead load is desired.

Pre-cast Elements

Used in pre-cast concrete elements such as blocks, panels, and pipes.


Lightweight concrete can provide fire resistance in buildings and structures.

Usage Area

Lightweight concrete is used in construction for building lightweight structures such as low-rise residential buildings, commercial buildings, and precast elements. It reduces the overall weight of the structure, leading to cost savings in materials and construction.

Lightweight concrete is utilized as an insulating material in walls, roofs, and floors of buildings. Its low thermal conductivity helps in maintaining comfortable indoor temperatures and reducing energy consumption for heating and cooling.

Lightweight concrete is employed in the construction of bridges, tunnels, and roads where weight reduction is crucial. It helps in reducing the dead load on structures, thereby increasing their lifespan and reducing maintenance costs.

Lightweight concrete is used in marine environments for the construction of docks, piers, and floating structures. Its buoyant properties make it suitable for applications where floatation is required.

Lightweight concrete is used in geotechnical applications such as backfilling, slope stabilization, and lightweight embankments. Its low density reduces the lateral pressure on retaining walls and improves stability in soil reinforcement projects.

Lightweight concrete is utilized in architectural elements such as decorative panels, cladding, and sculptures due to its moldability and ease of shaping.

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